What To Expect

Please bring any pertinent medical information such as allergies or any other special needs for children attending our weekend programs.

We are committed to ensuring a safe environment for your child during our weekend services. Our check-in and check-out processes use a computer-based check-in system and printed identification tags for both children and parents.


Check-in process:

Check-in for first time families
If it’s your first time attending at FHC, we recommend coming a few extra minutes early to complete our registration process. First, you will fill out a registration card for each of your children including name, birthdate, and family contact information. Once entered into our computer database, your children will be assigned to a LifeGroup based on age and/or school grade. Parents and children will receive matching identification tags to ensure safety during the program.

Check-in for families with infants and toddlers (birth - 2 years old)
Please provide your cell number in case we need to reach you during the service via text message. 

Check-in for members
If you regularly attend one of our campuses you will be given a check-in card for quick-scan check-ins. When arriving at the check-in kiosk, scan the barcode on the check-in card to immediately print your identification tags.


Checkout process:

For all Little Kids (birth - TK)
To check out your child, parents must present the matching identification tag at the conclusion of the program.

For all Big Kids (K - 5th grade)
The check-out process for Big Kids is slightly different at each campus. Please refer to the Kids@FHC staff at your campus for more details. 


The Saturday service is held at 6:00 pm.
Sunday services are held at 9:30 and 11:15 am.

All children can be checked-in and dropped off 30 minutes prior to each service time.

Little Kids (birth - TK)

Check-in for Little Kids (birth - TK) is in The Little Kids Welcome Center. Drop-off is at your child’s assigned classroom. 

Check-out for Little Kids is at your child’s assigned classroom.
Please note that only people with printed identification tags are allowed into the Little Kids corridor for drop-off and pick-up. 

See our Little Kids program for more information and nursery procedures. 

Big Kids (K-5th Grade)

Check-in for Big Kids (Kindergarten - 5th grade) is in The Big Kids Welcome Center. 
Children K - 2nd grade are dropped off in classrooms on the second floor.
Children 3 - 5th grade are dropped off in the Exploratorium.

For check-out, all Big Kids (K - 5th grade) are picked up in the Exploratorium at the conclusion of the program.

Please note that only people with printed identification tags are allowed into the Big Kids corridor for drop-off and pick-up.

Please note that the Exploratorium doors do not open for pick-up until the the adult service is over. 

Click here for more details on our Big Kids program.


Sunday services are held at 9:30 and 11:00 am at the Ballantyne Campus adjacent to the Morrison YMCA. 

Children’s check-in is in the main FHC lobby or in the Kids@FHC entrance located on the left past the outdoor pool.

For easy check-in and drop off, we recommend parking near the Kids@FHC entrance. Look for our flags as you drive past the outdoor pool.

Children can be dropped off 20 minutes prior to each service time.

Fort Mill

Sunday services at our Fort Mill Campus are held at 9:15 and 11:00 am at 2099 Carolina Place (off Highway 160, behind the Lowe's). 

New Family Check-in is in the main Atrium, just to the left of the entrance.

All other families go to the Kids@FHC check-in area at the back of the atrium.

Children can be dropped off 20 minutes prior to each service time.


Sunday service is held at 10:00 am at the Cuthbertson High School.Please Note that it is in the High School, not the Middle School. They are next to one another.

For easy check-in and drop off, we recommend parking near the Kids@FHC entrance.  Children’s check-in is in the middle wing. Please look for the Kids@FHC Flags.

Children can be dropped off 20 minutes prior to each service time.


Promotion Schedule

The Art Studio 
(preschool program)
Promotion into our Art Studio program happens twice a year. Children who are 3 years old and fully potty-trained by the promotion date will be able to begin participating in this program.

2015 Promotion Dates
September 13th, 2015

The Exploratorium
(elementary program)

Children who are starting Kindergarten will be promoted into the Exploratorium and assigned to a LifeGroup/ LifeGroup leader. This occurs at the beginning of each school year.

2015 Promotion Date
September 13th, 2015

(student program)
Children who have completed 5th grade and are starting 6th grade will be promoted to our student ministry. This transition happens at the beginning of their 6th grade school year.

2015 Promotion Date
September 13th, 2015

See the Advance website to learn more about the student ministry at FHC.


Got a question? Chances are we already have an answer!

Q: How long will it take to check-in and drop off my children?

A: If you are a first time guest you should try to arrive around 20 minutes before the service starts. We will help you complete a registration card, get your identification tags printed, and direct you towards your children’s classrooms as quickly as possible. If you have visited any of our campuses previously, your information will already be in our database. Our goal is to move all families through the check-in and drop off process and quickly and painless as possible.

Q: When can I get a scan card so we can do self check-in?

A: Scan cards are given to families who regularly attend Forest Hill. As soon as you feel ready to call Forest Hill your home, just tell us and we will issue you a scan cards! It takes less than one minute!

Q: How does my child get into a permanent life group?

A: When you decide to make Forest Hill your church home, let us know at check-in which service hour you attend and we will get your child assigned to a life group.

Q: Why is my child assigned to a different group each week?

A: If Forest Hill is your church home we need to make a permanent life group assignment. Otherwise, your child will continue to be placed in whichever grade appropriate life group has the fewest children in it that particular day. We make only one permanent assignment at one specific service time. We do this to encourage consistent attendance so the same life group leader can develop a relationship with your child and so your child can build friendships with the other children in their group.

Q: How can I move my child up a grade? He/she is older than everyone else in the group.

A: We place children in school grade based life groups so that they are 1) with other children in their same grade and 2) get the most out of our age-appropriate lessons.

Q: Are boys and girls in the same groups?

A: Yes and no. For children birth - kindergarten, they are together. For children 1st - 5th grade, they are separated into groups by age and by gender.

Q: How can I be reached if someone needs me regarding my child?

A: Vibrating pagers are given to parents of all children under the age of 3. If your child is older than 3 and you feel that your child may not acclimate well, has special needs, etc. please ask for a pager.

Q: What security measures are in place to protect my child?

A: When you check in, your child is given an identification tag and you are given two parent receipt tags. There is code on your child’s tag that is duplicated on your tag. These numbers are checked and matched at pick-up. The doors to the Little Kids corridor stay locked during the service. You will need your parent tags after the service to gain access back into the Little Kids corridor.

Q: What does my preschooler do during the service time?

A: Preschool life groups spend the first 15 minutes in a classroom doing a lesson-based activity or project. Then they go to The Art Studio for 30 minutes of singing, dancing, and interactive Bible storytelling. This is the main portion of the weekly lesson. For the final 15 minutes, they return to their classroom for snack and a final lesson-based project or activity.

Q: What is The Art Studio?

A: The Art Studio is our weekend program for Little Kids ages 3 through pre-kindergarten. The Art Studio is a wildly creative place where children get to experience the stories of the Bible in dramatic and engaging ways while exercising their own creativity. Painting, singing, dancing, an artist mouse named Wyndal, and much more are a part of this interactive program. In the Art Studio our simple objective is to communicate “God made me, God loves me, and Jesus wants to be my friend forever” to every child.

Q: How old are the children in The Art Studio program?

A: Starting at 3 years old by August 31 and COMPLETELY POTTY TRAINED through pre-kindergarten.

Q: Is The Art Studio program the same at all services and campuses?

A: Yes, The Art Studio program (and The Exploratorium program) are consistent for all services, all campuses.

Q: What does my elementary schooler do during the service time?

A: Elementary life groups spend half their time in life groups completing lesson-based activities and discussions and half their time in The Exploratorium for large group Bible storytelling, games, and more.

Q: What is The Exploratorium?

A: The Exploratorium is our weekend environment for Big Kids ages kindergarten through 5th grade. The Exploratorium is a dynamic and ever changing place where children come to discover God’s word and uncover truth quite literally actually! Secret passageways, hidden treasures, coded messages and much more are a part of this exciting Bible story adventure. In the Exploratorium our primary objective is to engage kids in the truth of the Bible, help them learn why it’s important, and how it applies to their daily life.

Q: Do you do events for the whole family?

A: Yes. We do events periodically for parents and kids to experience together. Click here for details on our upcoming events. (Link)

Q: Where is the best place to park if I am bringing my children? (South Park campus)

A: As you drive in, keep going past the New Comer’s lot and park in the area behind the church. There is a covered walkway next to a courtyard that leads directly into the Little Kids Welcome Center.

Q: How can I get involved with Kids@FHC?

A: We welcome anyone who has a desire to share the love of Jesus to children ages birth - 5th grade. For the safety of our children, we require a Child Protection check be conducted on anyone who works in our ministry. If you are interested in serving at any of our campuses, please contact Cindy George.

Safety & Security

At Forest Hill, safety and security is important. All of our volunteers with Kids@FHC are required to fill out and pass a background check. For more details about our policies and procedures, please contact the campus director.