Little Kids (birth - TK)

Our Little Kids environment is for children birth - TK and is an exciting place to discover God’s love!

During weekend services the nursery is available for children birth - 2 years old. Children are well cared for while age-appropriate Bible story lessons and activities are provided.

The Art Studio is our weekend program for Little Kids ages 3 - TK. The Art Studio is a wildly creative place where children get to experience the stories of the Bible in dramatic and engaging ways while exercising their own creativity. Painting, singing, dancing, an artist mouse named Wyndal, and much more are a part of this interactive program. In the Art Studio our simple objective is to help children KNOW God, GROW by spending time with Him, and GO and show the love of Jesus!.

What To Expect

For service times, check-in processes, and general information about our weekend programs, please click here.


Infants and toddlers of all ages are welcome. Please bring any necessary nutrition and toiletries as well as critical information regarding allergies and special needs. Diaper bags left in classrooms will be tagged with an identification tag to ensure proper use.

For children ages 2 - 3 years old

Depending on a child’s age, developmentally appropriate lessons are used in these classrooms during the weekend services. This curriculum aligns with the overall Art Studio monthly theme taught in the preschool program.

For children 3 and potty-trained - TK

Our weekend program is divided into two sections, LifeGroup time in classrooms and The Art Studio large group program. Similar to our Big Kids program, we place a strong emphasis on LifeGroups and children building relationships with consistent LifeGroup leaders.

The first 20 minutes of the program are spent in a LifeGroup classroom doing a small group activity based on the weekly lesson.

The next 30 minutes are spent in The Art Studio, the large group interactive program. Here all children ages 3 - TK participate in singing, dancing, art projects, and experience the weekly bible story in a dramatic, energetic, and creative way.

The last 20 minutes of the program are spent back in a classroom doing a follow up activity that relates to the large group lesson. A snack of goldfish crackers or something similar is provided during this time.The first 20 minutes of the program are spent in a life group classrooms doing a small group activity based on the weekly lesson.


Kids@FHC is all about empowering parents to be the spiritual leaders in their home. After our weekend services, our primary goal is to "pass the torch" to you - mom and dad, to continue the conversation and make God’s word a central part of your home life.

For weekly follow-up questions, family activities, the memory verse, and more please download the Little Kids card.

Story summary

The next few weeks we will learn the story of Noah and the Ark. God picks Noah out of all the people in the world to build the Ark and help save enough animals and people to repopulate the earth after the flood. Why did God choose Noah? Because Noah obeyed Him and because Noah walked with God. This is a good time for all of us to consider how closeley we walk with God and how well we seek to obey Him. 

Wyndal's Workshop

Have you ever heard your child mention a rat who lives in The Art Studio? Well they aren’t imagining things! Wyndal the Rat is our resident artist who loves helping kids understand God’s word even more than he loves cheese...and he loves cheese a lot!

Watch Wyndal’s Workshop to learn more about God and how you can make your very own creations at home! It’s a great way to bring the truths taught in The Art Studio into your own studio at home, just be sure to get a good drop cloth and smock!

This month Wyndal is telling us all about giving, check out all 4 videos on our vimeo channel.

Little Kids Worship

Kids@FHC is passionate about teaching kids the true meaning and purpose of worship. This month in the Art Studio, we're singing:

My God is so Big

Jesus Can Do Anything