About FH Kids Ministry

Kids@FHC is passionate about equipping and empowering parents to spiritually lead their families not just on Sundays, but every day of the week. Since the primary place for spiritual development and discovery is not the church, but the home, we are committed to walking beside parents as they raise kids with real, transformational, Christ-centered faith that lasts into adulthood.

We invest in this partnership with parents by helping to incite wonder and faith in the Bible, by developing influential leaders, and by opening our arms (and eyes) to the world through service and giving to our local and global community.

We strive to meet these goals by providing weekend programs for children birth - 5th grade, online tools and resources, family events, service opportunities, and more throughout the year.


1. Equip and empower parents to spiritually lead their families

We believe in the ‘Orange’ philosophy of ministry where the of love of the home (red) and the light of the church (yellow), are combined to show a generation who God is more fully than either could alone. “We wanna hold the nail while you swing the hammer.” This, in a nutshell, is how we view our partnership with parents. We believe that the primary place for spiritual development and discovery is not the church, but the home. Because of this, we are passionate about walking beside parents as they raise kids with real, Christ-centered faith.

2. Incite wonder and faith in the Bible and gospel of Jesus Christ

Learning about the Bible and living a life for Christ is exciting and full of adventure! By utilizing interactive components, creative storytelling methods, and a hands-on approach, we strive to make Jesus real and applicable to every child.



3. Develop influential leaders

Every child needs additional leaders and role models pouring into his or her life and modeling the love of Christ. In response to our church-wide LifeGroup model, each child within our ministry gets placed in a LifeGroup led by caring and trained leaders. These groups meet during our weekend service times and are supported by our large group interactive programs. This allows children to weekly interact and learn from consistent individuals who are excited about sharing God’s word and passionate about helping kids apply that truth to their daily lives. 

4. Open our arms to the world

As followers of Jesus we are called to serve the poor, oppressed, orphaned, and widowed. Few things have a greater impact on a child’s faith than the opportunity to serve and give to those in need. Because of this, we are committed to raising awareness about local and global needs as well as encouraging families to serve together, either alongside our ministry or as an individual family. Our goal is to help families establish a lifestyle of serving that embraces our world with the love of Christ.


Believer’s baptism is the outward and public symbol of an inward change and commitment to follow Christ. Our hope is that every child who comes to faith in Christ follows God’s command to be baptized. Since this is a significant commitment, it is extremely important kids fully understand the decision they are making. We also want to ensure that they are old enough to remember making the decision and can therefore claim it as their own forever. 

If your child has accepted Christ and desires to be baptized, we offer a Next Step class that explains baptism as well as communion. We generally ask that kids be in at least 3rd grade before they take the class and participate in this public sacrament. These ceremonies are done along with the rest of the church body several times a year at all campuses.

To register for the Next Step class contact Kids@FHC.

Taking communion is a very significant event for a Christian.  We believe it is important for kids to know exactly what it means prior to participating in this sacrament.  As part of our Next Step class we inform both kids and parents about what it means to symbolically partake of the body and blood of Christ.  We do not serve communion in any of our children’s environments, but instead ask that you bring your child to the Next Step Class and then look for a time to bring them into the Adult service and have communion together. 

To register for the Next Step class contact Kids@FHC.

A baby dedication is a chance for parents to commit themselves and their child to God.  Parents are asked to renew their own commitment to one another first because we strongly believe that parents should be the spiritual leaders at home. This opportunity is a chance for you to say publicly before friends, family, and members of the church that you are committing to work towards living a life that shows Christ in your home and showing your children the love of Christ in the hope and promise that He will then draw them to himself. We ask that all parents attend one of the classes prior to participating in one of the dedication ceremonies. Ceremonies are held three times a year at all campuses. 

To register for the dedication class, contact Kids@FHC.

Our Staff

The Kids@FHC team is made up of a diverse group of people who are passionate about sharing the love of Jesus with kids and parents alike. We work together across all three campuses to serve the families who attend FHC and help them make a difference in the world for Christ. For more information about Staff, click here.

Volunteer Family Tree

In addition to staff, our ministry is made up of several volunteer teams - a Life Group team, Welcome team, Storyteller team, Worship team, Production team, and Set Up/Tear Down team. These volunteers teams are critical to the success of our ministry and serving the families of FHC. We see all our staff and volunteers as a family, coming together in a variety of ways to serve a single purpose, and we'd love for you join us!

  • Life Group Team

    The Life Group Team is truly the foundation of our ministry. A passion to share God’s love, a fun, flexible spirit, and an excitement for working with kids is required. We seek Life Group leaders that will be here weekly to build lasting relationships and create a true sense of community with their life group

    Life Group Leader
    A Life Group leader is responsible for leading, teaching, and loving their life group. This role is extremely critical and directly influences the impact we have as the church in the lives of each child. A life group leader commits to lead one life group during one service time for a full calendar year. All teaching materials and supplies are provided by the Life Group Director. There are typically two life group leaders per life group. Our goal is to keep all life groups under 12 children. Due to the nature of relationship-building, life group leaders are encouraged to volunteer 2 - 4 times a month.

    Our Children’s Life Groups are also supported by volunteers who are passionate about providing spiritual encouragement, community, and service opportunities for each life group throughout the year.

    If you are interested in volunteering with the Life Group Team, please contact Cindy George.

  • Welcome Team

    First impressions are important and can having a lasting influence (good or bad!) on kids and families. Our welcome team is extremely important to warmly greet our attenders, provide directions, answer simple questions, aid the check-in process, enforce safety and security at entrances, and just ensure families feel at home and comfortable with our environments.

    Hall Host
    A hall host is someone who greets and welcomes all parents and children with enthusiasm and directs them to our welcome centers and appropriate classrooms. Hall hosts also provide an additional security barrier at entrances by ensuring all adults entering the children’s area have proper identification. Hall hosts are encouraged to volunteer at least twice a month.

    Check-in Assistant
    A check-in assistant is someone who helps parents check-in their children at our computer kiosks. The computer program used for check-in is simple and intuitive. All children and parents receive matching printed name tags to ensure safety during our programs. These tags also identify each child’s classroom location. Check-in assistants are encouraged to volunteer at least once a month.

    Visitor Attendant
    A visitor attendant hosts new families and guests who are unfamiliar with our programs and facilities. Visitor attendants happily welcome families to our ministry, guide them through our processes, assist in getting children to their classrooms, and answer any outstanding questions a parent might have.

    If you are interested in volunteering with the Welcome Team, please contact Erin Vinson.

  • Storytelling Team

    Our interactive large group environments center around dynamic Bible storytelling where kids get to be an active part of the story. We feel this is the most effective way to incite wonder in the Bible and make it memorable and meaningful for children.

    Large Group Storyteller
    Our interactive large group environments are taught by people who are excited to share God’s word in creative and dynamic ways. A passion for storytelling and a creative spirit is highly beneficial. The weekly lesson is provided by the Life Group Director and all necessary props and materials are provided by the Creative Design Team. Large Group Storytellers are encouraged to teach once a month. When teaching, you are required to teach all services for that weekend.

    If you are interested in volunteering with the Storyteller Team, please contact Andrew Weiler.

  • Worship Team

    Praise and worship is a dynamic part of our large group environment. We feel it is important for kids to be able to respond to God through singing and dancing as they learn to apply this form of expression and praise.

    Worship Leader
    Our worship team is lead by a worship leader who is passionate about leading kids in worship.

    BGVs/ Motion Makers
    A background vocalist/ motion maker is someone who leads the motions to our worship songs. This role is critical for engaging kids into the music and applying the meaning through movement. Motion makers are encouraged to volunteer weekly or twice a month.

    If you are interested in volunteering with the Worship Team, please contact Andrew Weiler.

  • Production Team

    Our large group environments require talented individuals who are passionate about production and technology. Under the leadership of our technical director, production assistants are responsible for running sound, lighting, videography, and visual presentation tools to create dynamic and sensory experiences for children of all ages. Training is provided for all volunteers. Production team members are encouraged to volunteer twice a month.

    Production assistant positions include:
    Sound Tech
    Computer Operator
    Video Switcher
    Video Camera Operator
    Lighting Tech

    If you are interested in volunteering with the Production Team, please contact Andrew Weiler.

  • Set-Up/Tear Down

    Volunteer positions include:
    Set-Up Team
    Tear Down Team

    At all our campuses, the Set-Up Team is utilized during the week to set up materials in each life group classroom in preparation for the weekend programs. Set Up volunteers are needed to volunteer in the afternoons after 2 pm for approximately 1 hour. Set-Up Team volunteers are encouraged to volunteer weekly.

    If you are interested in volunteering with the Set-Up/ Tear Down Team, please contact Jenny Schmitt.


At Forest Hill, we aim for every child to have an opportunity to hear about Jesus and participate in our programs. If you have a child with special needs, please contact Cindy George to hear about our Access program. Our Access program is currently only available at the South Park campus during the 11:15 service.

Download the Access Student Needs Assessment >>